Théâtre Mogador celebrating its 100th anniversary!

This year, the Théâtre Mogador celebrates its 100th birthday. It was officially inaugurated in 1919 by US president Wilson and this year’s centennial of the theatre was embraced by the French National Post that launched two magnificent stamps for collectors.

The Théâtre Mogador’s new era started in 2007 when Stage Entertainment France produced the French version of Disney’s The Lion King. Stage Entertainment acquired the theatre in 2006 and spent a year to restore it in its original splendor. In addition, our company acquired the adjoining building to create large foyers where our visitors could enjoy a glass of champagne and admire the theatre’s unique collection of contemporary art compiled by Joop and Janine van den Ende. Since its reopening, the theatre has already welcomed over four million visitors, in a very competitive market.

Le Roi Lion at Théâtre Mogador in 2008

Sir Alfred Butt

The Théâtre Mogador opened its doors in Paris, a year after the end of World War I (1914-1918). Six years earlier, still during the war, British entrepreneur and impresario Sir Alfred Butt had taken the initiative to build a replica of the London Palladium Theatre in the French capital. It was his wish to offer a magnificent venue for entertainment to the people in Paris and, not to forget, his French mistress, actress Régine Flory.

Like most theatres, the decorations of the Mogador Theatre featured a combination of gold, black and red. Remarkably the same color codes could be found in the cabarets at Pigalle as well as in the surrounding brothels. In the early days the Mogador welcomed ballets, including the world-famous Diaghilev Russian ballets and operettas, the ancestor of musicals, competing to a certain extent with its neighbors, notably the Opera Garnier.

Today, the Mogador Theatre is situated in Paris’ golden triangle featuring large and world-famous department stores, the classy Place Vendôme with its jewelers, luxury hotels and numerous theatres. It is also close to Gare Saint Lazare - Europe’s second largest railway stations in terms of traffic. In earlier days, Gare Saint Lazare enabled rich Englishmen to travel from and to Normandy resorts.

Olivier Lazzarini

Directeur Commercial et Marketing Stage Entertainment France

Beautiful Theatre Mogador