Arthur de Bok's Observations

"Thank you for giving it your best every day and delivering fantastic theatre experiences"

Dear colleagues,

With summer here, we see the end of the current theatre season and reflecting on past season, I notice the amazing work we have done to delight our audiences around the world.

Opening nights

We opened 15 new shows, nine of which in Germany (Paramour, Tina: The Tina Turner Musical, Amélie, Aladdin, The Band, Tanz der Vampire, Ghost, Bat out of Hell and Anastasia), one in Spain (Anastasia), one in France (Chicago), two in Italy (Flashdance and A Chorus Line) and two in the Netherlands (Mamma Mia! and Aida in Concert).

Own development

We also started the successful roll out of Anastasia from New York, first to Madrid (starting its second year after summer) followed by Stuttgart and soon Scheveningen. Tina: The Tina Turner Musical, our second recent proof of own development, continued its successful run at the Aldwych Theatre in London’s West End. The German production of the musical in Hamburg had a super start with great reviews, and echoes the success of the London original. We are excited at the idea of the upcoming opening night of the show on Broadway, in the fall (November 7th).

I would like to thank you and all colleagues including the cast, crew and orchestra of each show for giving it your best every day and delivering fantastic theatre experiences to all the visitors of our shows around the world!

As a symbolic gesture of our appreciation, we offered a special show arrangement abroad to three colleagues and their partners. The winners of the Stage Tombola 2019 were: Fernanda Rodriguez (SE Spain), Michael Denzin (SE Germany) and Beatrice De Luca (SE Group). Read more about their visits in this new Spotlight edition.

New shows, increased digitalization

Looking ahead to the next six months, we will open 10 new shows. It is exciting to bring Anastasia to the Netherlands (September 22nd), Ghost to Paris (September 26th) and Stuttgart (November 7th), Pretty Woman to Hamburg (September 29th) or Lazarus to Amsterdam (October 13th), to name a few.

At the same time, we are actively scouting the best new titles for our theatres in the future by investing in new promising titles for Broadway and the West End at an early stage of development. We also focus on new own creative development and are welcoming Jamie Wolpert as new head of creative development to strengthen Tali Pelman’s team and work with the country teams.

We are moving forward on the commercial side of our business, too. Further digitalization and deeper understanding who our customers are and will be, is a huge focus for the future. The roll out of our new website platform is a first step while we are benchmarking what further capabilities we will add in the near future.

So, a lot of new things are developing that give me great confidence in an exciting future for us.

I wish you all a great summer!

Arthur de Bok