Fernanda, Beatrice and Michael!

In July three of our Stage colleagues were the lucky winners of the Stage Tombola. Michael Denzin won a trip to Paris and was welcomed by the French team in Theatre Mogador to see Chicago. And Beatrice de Luca traveled to Madrid to enjoy Anastasia in the Coliseum Theatre. In this edition they tell us all about their trips.

Fernanda Rodriguez from Stage Entertainment Spain has won a trip to Berlin to visit Blue Man Group. She’ll be flying off to Berlin this weekend – her story will be in the October edition of Spotlight.


Tombola winner Michael Denzin about his trip to Paris to visit Chicago

As winner of the Stage tombola I, Michael from the box office in the Metronom Theatre in Oberhausen, Germany, and my wife Alexa had the opportunity to watch one of the last shows of the terrific musical Chicago in the Theatre Mogador in Paris.

Name: Michael Denzin

Company: Stage Entertainment Germany

Job title: Box office Stage Theatre Metronom

Working for Stage Entertainment since 2001 (!)

First Stage theatre Michael worked in: Colosseum Theater

Show visit: Chicago in Theatre Mogador, Paris

Travel Dates: Saturday 29 & Sunday 30 June 2019

Who did you bring on the trip: My wife Alexa

From Metronom to Mogador!

After a relaxed drive by train, we arrived in Paris and checked in at the amazing Mercure Hotel Garnier Opera. In the afternoon we went for a walk to explore the city a little bit. As first time Paris travelers we made sure to at least see the Seine and the lovely Tuileries Unfortunately, one afternoon was not enough to see more. As we happened to visit Paris on the hottest day of the summer so far, we were grateful for every little bit of shadow which the trees in the Tuileries provided. Apparently, even the beautiful statues felt far too hot.

Chicago which we went to see in the evening was a blast! This show rocks in any language. For my wife it was the first time to see this fantastic show. I have had the great luck to see the premiere in Berlin in 2015. However, the Paris production excelled in artistic directory, stage design, choreography, music, singing and acting. The lead actors and actresses as well as the whole ensemble transported the fun they obviously had on stage into the last row of the audience.

We laughed with elegant, funny, exciting Roxy Hart, suffered with her lovely husband Andy, er... Amos, fell in love with exciting and sexy Velma Kelly, admired the greasy but charming Billy “all I care about is love” Flynn, and felt the sudden urge to “pepper” Mama’s “ragout”.

The surtitles were very helpful. This way the show is accessible for an international audience as well as for people with a hearing impairment.

The 100 years old Theatre Mogador is a real beauty and was the cherry on the cake, so to say. It made an awesome evening perfect. It is very interesting to see that all Stage theatres have some identical features such as the carpet design. Still all have their individual charme. And don’t forget the art in the theatres! In every theatre are paintings which are sometimes scary, sometimes lovely and sometimes hard to relate to. The art in the Mogador clearly was both scary and lovely.

Last but not least, the service in the foyer was awesome. We felt very welcome. Thanks a lot for taking such good care of us. Thanks to all the colleagues who were involved in making this trip possible.

We wish all colleagues in the Mogador and in all Stage theatres and offices a wonderful summer and amazing holidays!

Michael Denzin

Tombola Winner Beatrice went to see Anastasia in Madrid

Name: Beatrice de Luca

Company: Stage Entertainment Group

Job title: Business Controller

Working for Stage for 6 months

Show visit: Anastasia in Theatre Coliseum, Madrid

Travel Dates: Friday 5 July to Sunday 7 July 2019

Who did you bring on the trip: My fiancée Andrew Rodriguez

Beatrice and Andrew at the Theatre Coliseum


Teatro Coliseum

Anastasia Summer Magic

It was such a wonderful surprise to win the Stage Tombola and to have the opportunity to watch a performance of Anastasia in Madrid! The entire experience echoed the theme of the show and was, in one word, MAGICAL.

The fun started on Friday afternoon when I had a chance to pop by the local Stage office to say hola to Javier, Sergio, and some of the rest of the team. Sergio was the perfect host offering insider tips on enjoying the good life in Madrid especially on a beautiful summer weekend.

In the evening the atmosphere at the Coliseum was very welcoming and the FOH staff took great care even including a backstage tour before the show (muchísimas graciasa Fanny y Borja!).

Everyone at Stage should be extremely proud of the Anastasia Madrid production - the vocal and acting performances are excellent, the costumes are stunning, and the set and video design are truly breathtaking!

Thanks to high-def LED screens the audience can be transported from the streets of St. Petersburg to the shining lights of the Eiffel Tower within seconds. It was the most impressive set and video design I’ve seen in a long time – including anywhere on the West End or Broadway!

It was almost 1am by the time everyone walked out of the theatre with great energy and ready to step out into the buzzing Gran Vía for more summer evening partying.

Overall it was a real treat to be in Madrid, get a chance to practice my rusty Castilian, and enjoy first hand the magic that our company creates on and off stage every night.

It was the perfect way to embrace the summer fun spirit – and, on that note, I wish everyone at Stage a wonderful summer and many amazing shows ahead!

Beatrice de Luca

Beatrice in front of the theatre at the Gran Vía – Madrid