Arthur de Bok's Observations

"I am pleased to see that we are in control of our business and have found
a good balance between creativity, entrepreneurship, marketing and production."

Dear colleagues,

On the 30th of October, Marijn de Wit, Fleur Mooren-la Bastide and I presented the traditional yearly update of our company’s results via live stream. We spoke about important developments in the business and our industry as well as the progress Stage Entertainment has made with its six key business themes including Programming and Operational Excellence. For those of you who missed the live stream, please take the time to watch by clicking on this link to the Mediaportal.

We have reason to be proud of the progress we made in the worldwide programming of our shows. Our portfolio of shows varied from evergreens like The Lion King or Tanz der Vampire and jukebox musicals like Mamma Mia! to movie-inspired musicals such as Ghost, The Bodyguard and also Fack Ju Göhte. In the Anglo-Saxon world we opened two major highlights of our investment in creative development: Anastasia and Tina: the Tina Turner Musical. Now it is time to bring these successful shows from Broadway and the West End to Continental Europe. Our colleagues in Spain were the first to present Anastasia. They brought it straight from Broadway to Madrid.

Overall, we managed to grow our total number of visitors to 7 million, an increase of 5%. We also noticed that our audiences tends to become more and more diversified: there is greater distribution amongst ages, we see people from different backgrounds while the numerical superiority of female visitors stands out. The new production of Bat out of Hell in Germany may, however, change the picture.

Our second area of improvement was in Operational Excellence, which is our continuous focus on organizational improvement. I am pleased to see that we are in control of our business and have found a good balance between creativity, entrepreneurship, marketing and production. Besides, our focus on venue exploitation has grown. We have started to exploit our beautiful venues now with events, sponsorships and new front of house activities; more entrepreneurial as before.

We will start the new year 2019 with Advance as the official new owners of Stage Entertainment. They bought the company as they were very impressed by the progress over the last years and the way we balance creativity with sound business practices. They have a long-term business perspective which is good news.

It is an exciting year in many ways. Ten new shows will open between the start of the season last month of September and May, next year. The investment in these new productions is significant but doesn’t refrain the Management Board from looking for further growth opportunities.

I am delighted to present you with this new edition of Spotlight. The following pages will inform you about our many new and current productions, the core of our business. There are so many fantastic new titles we will present this year that I don’t have the space here to mention them one by one. So take the time to enjoy this Spotlight and discover yourself all the interesting projects and performances your colleagues across Europe are working on.

Best wishes, Arthur