Celebrating successes: Silver for our digital transformation journey

Hope: Winning Silver at the Digital Impact Awards

Party! Fiesta! Feest! Fête! We are thrilled to inform you that our digital transformation within Stage Entertainment has won silver at the Digital Impact Awards!

The Digital Impact Awards are awards for the most impactful digital work within Europe. It is great to receive this professional recognition for the progress we collectively made with our teams in the markets. The roll out of our website platform and our Next Stage movement won in the category ‘Best Use of Digital in the Travel, Leisure and Tourism Sector’. We competed against travel organization Expedia and Eurotunnel Le Shuttle. The group commercial team is very proud that we won a digital prize of this caliber and are ready to make more great things happen together with our teams in the countries #OneStage #NextStagecommunity

Curious to see what our nomination was based on? Click here: