Table of Content & Editorial note

Theme section:

Hope: "One step at a time"

At First:

Gadgets of tomorrow New clothes for Dutch Aladdin

Column: HOPE by Tali Pelman

International Women's Day


This month we celebrate hope

Hope brought to life: Pictures by colleagues

Kimberly Alkemade telling her s story

The perfect picture

Hope: Key Interview Elpis, Goddess of Hope

At Last:

Celebrating successes

Music - movies - books

Theatre traditions

Social media updates Colofon

Letter from the editor

Yes! Here it is... Our first Stage Entertainment virtual magazine. Goodbye Stage Update, hello ONE Stage! Because with a new magazine comes a new name.

ONE Stage is a magazine with stories worth to be told and which brings people together. No matter who you are or where you come from. In line with what we stand for as a company and with each other. ONE Stage is a magazine packed with information about what is happening in and around our company. With interviews, tips, beautiful photos, videos and much more. It is entirely made by colleagues for colleagues. The magazine is published every month and has a changing theme.

“diversity makes you stronger as a team”

In this first edition, the theme is 'HOPE'. For we look ahead with some optimism to what is to come this year. Nyassa Alberta, Title Role in TINA , the Tina Turner Musical, interviews our CEO Arthur de Bok and Pieter Lubberts of Fieldlab. This initiative is organising eight pilot events in the Netherlands to investigate how we can organise events safely and quickly again. What does Fieldlab mean exactly? And what is our involvement in this initiative?

Where we hope for full theatres, Kimberley Alkemade hopes for gold at the Olympic Games in Tokyo. ONE Stage interviewed her on one of her training days. Kimberley tells how she regained hope after a serious accident in her youth, which she narrowly survived. The theatre played an important role in this. Kimberley is a powerful woman who believes that people with 'different mobility' are not different from the rest. In fact: "diversity makes you stronger as a team".

This magazine also focuses on International Women's Day. With a nice reflection of our COO Fleur Mooren-La Bastide on this topic, several articles and a nice tribute to all female colleagues within Stage Entertainment.