Edition 20 - 31 July 2020

Dear colleagues, It is the holiday season, so a great opportunity to catch up with some reading. This also includes, of course, Stage UPDATE. Highlights of this week’s SUMMER EDITION are: the best vacation gadgets to ensure your (corona proof) holiday gets easier and more fun; a great interview with Ralf Schaedler on virtual casting, an interview with Adrienne Warren on her career and recent developments on Black Lives Matter and… the launch of ‘Musical Stars Unplugged’, a must see ‘battle’ between our German musical stars. Enjoy reading! Note that: ‘Stage Update’ will be distributed twice a month during the summer holidays. In the next edition, which will appear on 14 August, you will find another video update of Arthur.

TINA ON BROADWAY Interview Adrienne Warren in 'The Stage'

Adrienne Warren tells 'The Stage' how the lockdown has enabled her to focus on her work with the Broadway Advocacy Coalition, which uses the arts to challenge racism and bring about social change.

STAGE ENTERTAINMENT GERMANY Presents: Musical Stars unplugged

We all miss the live shows. In order to bridge the waiting time, Stage Entertainment Germany have come up with a concert streaming idea that goes beyond the usual concepts. In “Musical Stars unplugged” six esteemed artists gathered at Stage Operettenhaus in Hamburg and challenged each other with some unexpected songs – mixed with film trailers and a relaxed chat between the artists who have never before been on stage all together. Accompanied by six fantastic musicians in the beautiful set of TINA´s final scene, these 90 minutes are much worthwhile seeing. It´s downloadable for € 14,90 via the German website; parts of the proceeds go to a charitable organization helping children in particular adverse conditions due to Corona. Hamburg´s most popular radio station is the media partner. First sales figures look promising, and so do the Social Media comments. Congrats to the creative and production team who put this together so quickly!

Cool Colleagues

During the corona crisis, we suddenly find ourselves with no colleagues, no office and no coffee machine gossip. That’s why we have come up with a new column: ‘Cool Colleagues’. A short Q&A to share and understand how our colleagues are dealing with their work in these difficult times. This week, cool colleague Ralf Schaedler takes the stage. Who is Ralf? I am the Casting Director of Stage Entertainment Germany since 2007. Before joining Stage I worked for various entertainment agencies creating creative concepts for concerts and shows. I am also active on TV as presenter and host. I studied Dancing, Singing and Acting with a scholarship for the New Dance Group and the Ballet Arts City Center in New York. After returning to Germany I had several main roles such as playing Danny in Grease, Rusty in Starlight Express and Claude in Hair.

HOLIDAY (stress)

There are all kinds of brands and types of cars, but a cubic meter remains a cubic meter and you can only fill it up once... So below are the top 5 most practical tips to drive off into the sun with peace of mind! Tip 1 - Pack everything Nothing as annoying as objects wandering around loose in the car. A ball, a frisbee, a left shoe: they pop up when you're not expecting them and can't be found when you need them. So... pack everything in bags, sacks or crates. That way you prevent something from suddenly sliding under your brake pedal, for example... Tip 2 - From large to small Use a logical order. That sounds logical and it is. The trick is to also do it. Pack the biggest, heaviest and least flexible stuff first: suitcases, crates etcetera. Mats, pillows and sleeping bags can easily be stuffed into small spaces. And there is always a corner in which that one left shoe still fits.

Tip 3 - From top to bottom Put the practical stuff on top. Think about your bag of food and drink for the stops you make on the way. If you make a stop at a hotel, camping or B&B, keep a bag with toiletries, pyjamas, clean underwear and cuddly toys within easy reach. And of course this idea also applies to your tent, rubber mallet and tent poles that you will need immediately upon arrival. Tip 4 - Avoid an empty stomach Make sure you have enough food and drink with you, especially if you drive on Saturday or Sunday and the shops may be closed. Arriving on an empty stomach is a guarantee for a big fight, especially if you still have to pitch your tent... Tip 5 - Check and double check Walk around the car one last time before you drive away. Is the tailgate still closing? Is the car not overloaded? Then start the engine, pull up gently and brake firmly once. There's a good chance something will slide forward... Anyway, better before departure than on the Autoroute du soleil. Oh yes, and finally don’t forget to put a beer in the cool box, for when the job is done.


Because life in these corona times is complicated enough already, we looked at ways to make your holiday more fun and easier. The solution: travel gadgets. And especially the gadgets that are small, because they fit in luggage, and are not expensive. So you won't find the latest iPhone and tablets in our list. Which ones you will find? Here they come, in random order:


This is a device you hope you'll never need. An inflator that you can easily carry with you as a bracelet. If you (or worse, your children) unexpectedly get into trouble in the water while surfing, swimming, sailing or you name it. Then you just pull the lever and an interchangeable CO2 cylinder immediately fills a clearly visible bag with enough air to keep an adult afloat for up to 48 hours. Isn’t that just great!


Yeah, there he is. We can't get around it. The mother of all gadgets. The Swiss army knife. No gadget is that versatile and available in so many shapes and sizes. Alpha men and women naturally go for the 'Swiss Champ Blue', where no less than 33 functions ensure that nothing can go wrong on your holiday. What's more, having this knife makes you the best friend of the whole campsite in no time at all! You're not allowed to take the knife on board an airplane, but we avoid these anyway in this corona time. So just put it in the armrest of your car so you'll always have it within reach.


It happens to all of us someday. You've reached your destination. But your luggage didn't. So far, we've just had to wait and see if you would ever be reunited with your suitcase. And that's not the start of the holiday you had in mind. But... don't worry. Now there is Trakdot, an electronic device that you simply put in your suitcase. It uses the GSM network of your phone, so you can see exactly where your suitcase is. You download the app and receive a text message as soon as your suitcase rolls off the conveyor belt. And if something goes wrong, you can trace where your suitcase ended up! And that’s a relief knowing that 26 million suitcases are lost every year...


OMG! You just found out, after miles of walking, that you forgot to bring water with you. No sign of life anywhere and the only water nearby is the ditch you just jumped over. Now what? Don't worry! With the Lifestraw you can easily drink the water from the ditch with this straw. The device purifies 99.9% of all bacteria that live in the water, including E. coli, and turns it into safe drinking water. Phew!


Not really a gadget but a great app anyhow. Why? Because this app will ensure that finally your holiday photos are actually being viewed by others. Even on Instagram, where you can see one cliché photo after another all day long... Yawn. But with this app your smartphone photos look like they were taken with a roll of Kodak, Fuji or Agfa. Not for free, but hey, you will finally get a lot of 'likes' on your Instagram for your holiday snapshots.


The Dutch cast of Anastasia recorded a 15 minute concert of several musical songs, all performed from their homes.

Le Roi Lion

The Opening Night of The Lion King in Paris is postponed to 18 March 2021. But.. The logo is already shining on Théâtre Mogador!


Due to the holidays the Stage UPDATE will appear every other week in July and August.