Edition 33 - 5 February 2021

Dear colleagues,

As I’m writing this introduction I feel proud that so many positive developments take place in our company. We’ve really taken the challenging circumstances as an opportunity to improve and innovate. In last time’s video I discussed the innovation on one of our great shows; WICKED. These innovation clearly lift the quality of the show and will certainly surprise our audience. But also backstage a lot goes on. A current project to use 3D scans to map out our theaters provides our crew with up to date information. This leads to more efficiency as site visits are not always necessary anymore. Using this new technology even makes us frontrunners in our sector. It is for reasons like this that we as a company were recently invited to actively take part in a test event. Recently the Dutch government has given permission to organize no less than 8 (!) pilot events this month with the aim to gather information how to ensure that events can be organized again in the fastest and safest way possible.

These pilot events are organized by Fieldlab, an organization in which large event companies have teamed up and is supported by the Dutch government and several Universities. The pilot events vary from football matches in a stadium to a music and dance event and also a show in our theatre in Utrecht. Our colleagues in the Dutch organization are now in full preparation to ensure we can facilitate and support this test event, which need to meet the highest health and safety quality standards. There will be a lot of media attention for this project which will place our sector in the spotlight. And that’s very positive of course. In this newsletter you can read more about this exciting project and you can also watch the video interview on this test event I had with our colleague Sjoerd van Schooten. He is Executive Producer and closely involved in this important initiative. He explains why we are involved, in what way and also… what is in it for us. I’m excited and proud that our company plays such a forefront role in getting our sector back on track. I invite you to watch the video and I hope you agree with me that we work for a great company! Stay healthy and safe,


Fieldlab YES! We are going to organize a test event

Theatres are empty. But how unsafe is it really to stand in a full theatre or concert hall? No one has data. National experts in the Netherlands are now going to test it with live audiences. In the hope that we can reopen the theatres soon.


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Mogador hosts TV show

Since Théâtre Mogador recently launched a new and professional studio to host digital streams, things have gone fast. The studio has already been involved in 4 recordings and live stream sessions in January. Monday 1 February however will be a day that will be remembered, as on that day the studio saw its first TV show recording. Live! CultureBox On that day the studio of Mogador was used to announce and launch a new TV channel: ‘CultureBox’, an initiative from France-TV. The new TV channel is a free channel, dedicated to live entertainment with a 24/7 cultural programming. CultureBox is a temporary TV channel and will be broadcasting until the reopening of all cultural venues. “The reason our involvement lies in our relationship with TV production company Morgane Production”, says Vincent Bernard responsible for commercial events.

“I recently contacted them to work on some live stream concerts at Mogador. While we started to work on this, France Television contacted them to launch this new channel, and so we got involved too. After the initial talks we had less than a week to prepare before going live! Our role is to work with producer’s artistic and technical crew and make our technical equipment and possibilities in our theatre match their request and needs”. The launch The official launch of the Culturebox on 1 February took place just after the well watched news program, which allowed a large amount of TV viewers to see the opening. Vincent: “The Minister of Culture and the chairwoman of France Télévision attended the launch and were welcomed in our theatre by our country manager Laurent Bentata. 5 talented young artists performed various songs in a 2 hour show which was broadcast live on TV and was replayed on its platform and website”. According to Vincent it was a great success as “the experience proved not only our ability to welcome all kind of shows but also the agility and flexibility of our crew. It also proved to be a fantastic shop window for our magnificent theater”.

Le Roi Lion Preparations

In a video on their social media channels Stage Entertainment France gives insights in the preparations that are taken place for Le Roi Lion (The Lion King).

The Sound of Music Looking for Maria

Stage Entertainment the Netherlands will be looking for the perfect lead actress to play 'Maria' in The Sound of Music in TV show 'Op Zoek Naar Maria' (Looking for Maria). In this 7-week long prime time TV show on national TV the lead actress will be selected by a professional jury (to be announced).

TINA Black History Month

February is Black History Month in USA. To honour this fact and to honour Tina Turner, the cast of TINA - the Tina Turner Musical on Broadway recorded a video in which they explain why Tina Turner is such an inspiration for them.

Survey results

Recently we asked all of you for feedback on our newsletter. First of all a BIG thank you for filling in this survey. Below you will find a summary of the results:

  • We asked you how often you would like to receive the Stage UPDATE. A majority of the respondents would like to receive Stage UPDATE every month.
  • Overall, the look & feel, relevance of topics and readability were rated very positive.
  • Arthur's (video) update, articles about colleagues and (video) content about our shows are named as the most appreciated parts of the newsletter.
  • Some great ideas for the newsletter were mentioned. Wich we will take a good look at for the upcoming newsletters.

With these conclusions in mind we decided that we will continue Stage UPDATE in slightly different form. The first new edition will be released at the beginning of March. Thank you all for your input!

Editorial team

We would love to add YOU to our editorial team! Stage UPDATE is an internal newsletter made by colleagues, for colleagues. Would you like to help us improve the 'new' newsletter? We would LOVE to hear from you!

Stage UPDATE will get a new look! The first NEW edition will be released at the beginning of March

MINDFULNESS CORNER Happiness becomes you

At the end of last year, we introduced the "Relax" section. Because we didn’t had a big share of that in 2020. The section provided tips and inspiration and also some humor to lighten up these challenging times. As this is the last newsletter in the current format and therefore also this section ends, we naturally want to close with a Bang! And what better way to do that, than to use a global icon of inspiration such as Tina Turner. In her latest book ‘Happiness Becomes You: A Guide to Changing Your Life for Good’, Tina shows how anyone can overcome life's obstacles; transform the impossible to possible and fulfill dreams. We found Vanity Fair willing to let us use their recent interview with Tina for our Stage Update newsletter. Enjoy reading!

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